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KaVo Kerr is a dental equipment manufacturer group that was spun off from Danaher Corporation. The group stemmed from a joint venture set up in 2016 between KaVo (KaVo Dental GmbH), which was established in 1909 in Berlin, Germany, and Kerr Corporation, which was founded in 1891 in Detroit, Michigan, as well as a division of Danaher Corporation headquartered in Brea, California.

A former employee mentioned, "Horrible Management & recruiter at KaVo Kerr, not helpful, not knowledgeable about the products, extremely rude, very little training - worse experience of my life. Pomona location."


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Former Employee - Administrative says

"Leadership needs to be improved. CEO doesn't run the company well. Management can be cut throat."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"This company used to be great but year after year and reorg after reorg we are now left looking like a skeleton. For the people who are left, they are being worked like slaves to cover the jobs of handfuls of people let go. The employees that are left are exhausted, depressed, and looking to leave. You are not compensated at industry standards but are expected to fill the gaps when you are asked to regardless if it is part of your growth plan. Which leads to opportunities...there are none. We most recently had a reorg in October, January, and when COVID hit we lost half of the company in April. The excuse was, “gotta look good to investors.” This is the worst excuse you can tell the employees left over. If this company was more financially stable they wouldn’t have needed to let go of one person like other medical companies I have worked for. The only reason any of the people are left is because they are cheap. A true numbers game here. Sinking ship. Run!"

Former Employee - Territory Sales Manager says

"Don’t care about people. Poor management. Poor product development. Sinking ship. Lack of customer appreciation"

Former Employee - Document Control says

"Poorly ran/managed company that does not value its employees"

Former Employee - Management says

"Upper management lack focus and direction. Both Directors not on the same page or even in the same book for that matter, which leads to mass confusion and disarray. Bad products and software, development clueless on how to roll out updates and most don’t work leaving support agents holding a bad hand. Racial tensions and bad leadership rewards useless employees and overworks the good ones. No standards of practice most departments have not aware of changes that effect their work. Terrible data management for customers. Office forces to wait in excess of 25-30 min just to verify who they are and if they paid for support due to a failure in upper management to implement a usable CRM system."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company does not care about the quality of products that are put into the hands of customers. They continue to produce a product that is known to have toxins and could cause lead poisoning in patients. The company is unethical and abusive to its employees. People are quitting left and right. You are constantly set up for failure. The company has turned into a complete joke. If you interview anywhere within the dental tech industry people will interrogate you about Kerr because its industry-wide knowledge that the company is in absolute freefall and they might be skeptical about letting you on. You do not want this company on your resume."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything-mainly bad management and HR. Neither are your friend. No one knows what they’re doing. Managers hired straight out of military for that company tax deduction or pulled from floor. Uneducated in business. Processes made up as you go. When the blind leads the blind it makes sense to them. Low pay. No growth. A very sad place. Don’t waste your time. All smoke and mirrors."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Be prepared to be strung along and mislead by leadership, the company is in complete free fall since being spun-off from Danaher- their solution to being profitable for investors is slashing employees and customer-facing platforms, and there is no one left to support the business. You are only valued if you are part of their management development program, and many divisions now have a bunch of unqualified kids running things. Senior leadership is too busy pandering to investors and trying to unify the various companies under the new Envista crap. They are laying people off in droves and there is no career path or upward mobility unless you are part of previously mentioned leadership program. They are “laying off” good people, renaming their roles, and putting those anointed ones into them who don’t have a clue what they are doing. Ignore the raving reviews from interns, those are the incoming members of the program they pay a crap ton of money to and give stock options. Basically, this is a good place to go for your career to die. The workload and expectations are completely unattainable. I’m expected to work 60+ hours a week to cover the massive amount of work left behind by the headcount and budget cuts, and I am actively looking for a new role as I write this, as are many of my colleagues. This new office they just built in Brea is a huge shell for a giant load of crap."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Terrible cultural. You will clean up mess all the time. No standard procedure, no core value or take quality system seriously."

Former Employee - Marketing/Sales says

"Envista leadership. There is no way this place is going to survive given the growth required to be public."

Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Management & recruiter, not helpful, not knowledgeable about the products, extremely rude, very little training - worse experience of my life. Pomona locationNoneInadequate training, low pay"

RETURNS PROCESSOR (Former Employee) says

"what a sucky place. beneath me to even had been there. the gayest most fake most nosey most hatin most phony most pretendo most stupid most ill-operated place i ever worked at.1 shifteverything"

Lead Assembler (Former Employee) says

"It was a very fast pased and stressful job. The managers acted nice but were not at all, they would wait untill the last minute to tell you that you had to work over and on the weekends"

Opportunity Development Team Representative (Former Employee) says

"Kavo Kerr was a wonderful company. Opportunity Dev.Department closed n March 27, 2017 with no advance warning. 16 employees all lost our jobs, benefits and everything that went along with it.Was good while it lastedterrible commute"

Document Control Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Busy day ( love it) been very proactive learn from the best very lucky all my co-workers are the best not been a permanent employee when we all get together and have fundepartment pat lotstemporary employee"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Use and abuse the hardest working of their employees. String along their "temps" with the promise of full time employment, they never intend to give."

Manufacturing (Electrical) says

"Management more worried about "the Toyota way" lean principles instead of doing things the right way. I have common sense which didn't fit in with the company profile. Left as soon as I could!"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"1. Communication - leadership cannot make up their minds, when they do finally make a decision there is no communication about the decision, expectations or how to move forward. The way that leadership communicates retards the cross-functional teams. 2. Quality products - slow to respond to breakdowns in quality systems and products, outright refusal to improve quality for certain categories. 3. Constant turnovers at every level 4. Favoritism and promotion of incompetent people. Tons is covert bullying, passive aggression, indirect communication, lying, idea stealing, and questionable tactics at various levels to get ahead. Most are not held accountable even when this can be proven. 5. Despite D&I initiatives, KaVo Kerr is still stuck in the past about mindset and attitudes towards minorities. The D&I teams are working hard to improve this, but the primary burden of change is on the less empowered groups. 6. Midlevel managers are project and task managers with little interest in trust-building or people development. 7. Little to no opportunity for advancement. Some people get better titles which are great to take with you if you decide to leave, but monetary compensation is nominal. 8. New ideas are frowned upon or ignored. A risk-averse environment with low and negative growth trends. 9. New senior leaders don't really speak or listen to associates outside of formally scheduled meetings. If you say "hello" or "good morning" you will be met with a reluctant mumble or flat out ignored. 10. Some new managers power trip and micromanage. Ithealth benefits.culture, compensation, raises, advancement opportunities, environment, etc."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"this has to be one of the worst environments I have ever worked. there is no actual thought process and input is over looked. when you present an issue or concern you are over looked by a supervisor or manager with not practical experience in the field they are in charge of, and instead are told to only do things that make them look better or make them have to do less of their own responsibilities. personal affairs are directly involved in most of the leaderships decision making process, with no chance of changing that mentality even if you are proving a better solution.free coffeejust about everything else"

Dexis Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"This is the most racist place I've ever worked. There is no room for advancement and no intentions to change. Management are a team vs the employees. There is no organization in policy or procedure. It's a dead end job no matter how you cut it. It's a "good ol boy" system here. No upper management are minorities, no matter how qualified.It provides a paycheckeverything else"

Unknown (Former Employee) says

"When trying to talk to HR, they will listen to you however they always remain on the managers side. HR is very hypocritical when it comes to managment. For example An employee can be on their cell phone and it's a problem, however if managers do the same thing it gets swept under the rug, and then HR says well they probably had a good reason for doing what they did. This is by far the worst company I've ever worked forAlways get to eat different lunches brought inHR is always on the manager side"

Administration (Former Employee) says

"We had a great management team and culture a few years ago. Felt like working with friends and family. After new management established themselves things went downhill. Culture became toxic and cutthroat. Many good managers and people left the organization for better opportunities. Company was spun off (most likely due to performance) and no longer part of the umbrella company Danaher.Decent pay + benefitsManagement and culture"

sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Too many senior management but under staff for daily operation. Lack of long term business stragegy and do not understand customer need. Top management do not unserstand the industry becasue they came of corporate office. Production/finance aim to cut cost but overlook product quality. Micro manage and high turn over. Terminated employee easily just to cut cost. No work life balance, you often have to do the conference call at 3 am in the morning.Long history in the marketPoor pay compare to market and poor work life balance"

Customer Care Representative (Current Employee) says

"Customer service department is a joke. I've been with the company 3 years and it's still ran like a mom and pop shop! Sales/SLA team is the highest paid and whenever they don't want to do anything they throw it to customer service. The Dexis side of CS is deplorable. Low morale, low pay, high stress, high production. You're basically over worked and TRULY underpaid. It's a "who you know" culture. As long as you good friends with management you won't be touched. Racially divided, each race sticks with it's own race. The workload is in manageable, there's no way to be successful within the job within an 8 hour time frame. Since there is no overtime your stuck with being told your productivity is lacking. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!. Unless you're looking for a quick buck apply for the sales team!Birthday celebration, free Coke machineShort lunch, low pay, low morale, favoritism shown to certain employees"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Needs better management and better planning with teamwork. Lack of hours and minimal overtime Too much favoritism other employees everything should be equallyFree lunchesGossiping"

Tier 1 Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Technical support position is a stressful position due to lack of guidance and training. The supervisors are hardly available for coaching or to provide feedback on how you are doing. The teams leads are hardly available as well to assist because they are pulled for the same meetings as the supervisor which is senseless since they are there to assist the level 1 technicians on the floor. Leadership is constantly changing things with little notice or guidance on the change which effects the day to day activities for the technicians. Career progression is not an option in this position because the level 2 and 3, only have 1 or 2 added job responsibility and have of the time you are fulfilling this need for the customer because they do not want you to escalate the call. The software we support is not well developed by our developers which makes it difficult to support when the customers are asking about issues we have noticed that has been issues for several years but yet our developers have fixed the issues. Overall, this company has a lot of down falls that have yet been addressed over the past years. Especially, when majority of the technician are complaining about the same issues. Also for all the work that is placed on us, the pay of 19.00 is definitely as slap in the face.management"

Upholstery Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"• Opened building for daily operations • Responsible for transporting inventory from multiple warehouses • Established and maintained accurate storage location and records • Inspected and received shipment for warehouse • Operated forklift to pull and transport inventory within warehouseFlexible hourspay"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Company not open for advancement. Diversity as a whole is rare. The company meets its diversity quota by hiring African Americans at it’s Atlanta office. Must people are stuck in a dead end position.401K matchPoor advancement opportunity"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worst place work for Charlotte the managers don’t do their job lots of favoritism going on don’t ask HR to help you they will not most staff in higher management are racistBenefitsEverything besides benefits"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"Slave you and don’t pay enough management is terrible ,set rules and only apply them to who they choose to , lot of racist peoples in higher management"

Fabricio Mercier says

"This company is not telling you the truth. Apparently they pay real estate agents and building management companies to setup a ecotricity account in new flats before tenants move in. Then they charge you 30% more than the market hoping we would be too lazy to switch. All the other providers have 100% green option for 20 to 30% cheaper"

Andrew Lopez says

"Very bad. They have taken, TWICE, a £12.00 pre-payment from my cards and charging the car is really expensive. Now I have to wait for them to have the grace to refund me the money, when the charge was as well made for the charge itself! in one of the chargers, I couldn't even charge the car!"

David Czar says

"Awful company, stay clear, they removed my previous review, i am posting another one. The company lies, makes excuses and you'll end up paying way more than you ought to for electricity. my bill went from £40 per month to £86 per month. I requested statement for my account since I've joined them, they never bothered to send one, only when i went to ombudsmen they complied with my request. Although we need much tougher regulator who will punish companies such as ecotricity. Stay clear, do not trust any positive reviews you read, they've been posted by ecotricity staff, the company is truly awful."

Steve Thomas says

"Diabolical. Working with Resolver and Ombudsman Services as never had an accurate billing and been unable to get through with an success on the phone. Have responded to some emails, but only through resover. Ridiculous that have to resort to a mediation service to get an accurate billing. Situation has been going on for almost a year. Wouldn't have thought it possible to receive such poor customer care. Other residents in the apartment block have also had inflated bill as a result of poor metering. A meter check has confirmed faults with the meter and Ecotricity have conceded to other complainnats that the readings are wrong, but still no resolution! Unbelievable"

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